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will crochet 4 food;

wanna help me eat this semester?

wanna have a ridiculously roasty-toasty scarf made by yours truly, with love (which is to say, made to the sounds of motown music, consuming at least eight cups of tea, and overhearing my roommate yell at people on xbox live)?

okay, i totally lied about that last one. most of these scarves were made while listening to nicki minaj and dolly parton. on loop. for hours. optional serenade of aforementioned roommate with remote control “microphone” recommended.

what i am getting at, is that baby girl is back in business with my scarf etsy!

i’m becoming the indie girl i always made fun of.  by this time next time i’ll have owls on my zooey-d dresses from modcloth. and drive a baby blue prius. and i’m already a vegetarian so i’m halfway there already. so it goes!

but if you care to take a gander…or really want to make sure i can support my anna’s tacqueria habit….

{click above to be magically transported to my etsy shop!}

selfies and foot pops;

{both flats + mustard boots, timberlands (4lyf), dress, victoria’s secret via goodwill, jacket, h&m via goodwill, sweater and belt, unknown via goodwill.}

fact: i do not own a mirror. this usually makes getting dressed in the morning a very interesting experience. i usually walk out of my house wearing more than three colors, after straddling my bathtub and countertop to peer at the bathroom mirror to see if my outfit makes me look like i’m wearing a tilda swinton costume (no disrespect, tildy-tildz. you know i love you. )

but guys, i’m scared. i think the turd-o-meter went cray-cray when i snapped these little selfies in a second time around dressing room, since i usually never see what my outfits look like fully. i feel the need to make duck-faces in every reflective surface that i pass, put on a cake-face, and re-apply lip gloss (do people still wear lip gloss? i feel like this question explains a lot about me). can one (or six) selfie(s) really start a major downfall?

only time will tell. speaking of time, it’s time for me to put on some bonne bell lip gloss. it’s dr. pepper flavor.

{also, holla at the three people who told me i looked like the girl from the hunger games this week. i don’t agree with you, but you are the reason for the happy foot pop in these pictures. and holla at the unintentional red sox colors that i had on later that night at fenway. yes, that means i went to tasty burger. i have issues.}

i’m bringing messy back;

i have mixed emotions about outfit posts. in some way, i think they are good for accountability purposes. they make sure i don’t  wear the same pair of tights (that mysteriously lack a crotch. don’t ask questions.) and they remind me to tell myself “homegirl,  i don’t care how cute they are, those knee socks smell like hot, sulphuric death.”

but in other ways, i feel like i’m straight up derpin’. i usually dress like a second grade teacher. or a girl who got crazy with a bag full of buttons and a bedazzler. or plain and simple, a girl who plans her outfits around a pair of fox socks or crotch-less tights. i don’t know how to make a bitchface look attractive. i also don’t live on a picturesque san franciscan hill. or have a manfriend who understands what iso is and loves taking pictures of me in a pumpkin patch. or in a grocery store parking lot. or a manfriend, for that matter.

but i felt really nice this day. and i liked this outfit. i went to tasty burger for the second time in 12 hours on saturday. i  woke up from a night spent salsa dancing. quidditch practice was canceled, so i went bowling with a friend. and by bowling i mean we walked around boston for three hours, went to two bowling alleys that had a 90+ minute wait, gave up on bowling and got the aforementioned tasty burger veggie burger of my dreamz*~

i mean, it’s not like all of the guys that work at tasty burger have a nickname*  for me or anything and think i’m a mess?

{sweater, thrifted. skirt, thrifted (h&m). sweater tights, forever twenty one}

and wore a pair of sweater tights that luckily had no enigmatic holes in them. baby steps, guys.

except i totally went to tasty burger yesterday.

….like i said, baby steps. towards tasty burger. for their onion rings.

*tinkerbell. i will take that nickname as long as they remember to put bbq sauce on my veggie burger. and give me extra onion rings.

style and intention;

{via pinterest . aka “don’tgoonmeunlessyouwanttospendthreehoursswooning”}

i’m a strictly fall and winter kind of gal. i will buy anything scented with the inviting smell of pumpkin. i don’t care if it is some overpriced candle or coffee, it will be in my clutches. i adore the coming of red cheeks in the cold. and seeing your breath when talking. but i have to admit that i am seriously feeling the effects of spring on me.

i was reading the lovely rose’s post on style and intentions in how you’d like to style yourself when i got a realization. as my former school was just chock full of future victims of latf.com and my own crazy curly, auburn  lion’s mane tends to scream “i totally dig feminist theories. and i support a counter-culture. where can i get some pbr?” (no offense if you are either of these. or if you like pbr. )

needless to say, i’ve found it easier to succumb to hipster-y. which is hilarious because i really don’t consider myself a hipster. i don’t drink pbr. i think dub-step is pretty weird. and i don’t ironically wear a keffiyeh (i think that should be left to yassir arafat, may he rest in peace).

and with spring coming around the corner i’m feeling even more motivated to dress how i actually want to! what a startling realization? ! with all of my big changes a-coming, i’m feeling that a new style is on the horizon as well. and secretly, i’ve always wanted to dress like a little prepster. who occasionally suns out on cape cod. and has flats and knee socks out the wazoo (working on this). and would much rather wear argyle un-ironically with my hair in braids  than skinny jeans and band t-shirts.

and since i’ve recently become enamored with pinterest, here are some looks i am kind of swooning over:


and now if you don’t mind i’m just going to go daydream about ransacking a j.crew and banana republic as i google pictures of rachel berry.

beating the mean reds in blue;

30in30 004edit

{dress, thrifted; scarf, anthropologie; belt, thrifted; wedges, free!*}

i don’t even think there are enough positive adjectives to describe all of you lovely ladies who commented on my post yesterday. no thesaurus has enough words to describe just how truly fantastic you are and how grateful i am to be surrounded by such amazingly kind people . i can honestly say that you all helped me oodles in defeating what i like to call “the mean reds” yesterday:

Holly Golightly: You know those days when you get the mean reds?
Paul Varjak: The mean reds, you mean like the blues?

30in30 010edit

Holly Golightly: No. The blues are because you’re getting fat and maybe it’s been raining too long, you’re just sad that’s all. The mean reds are horrible. Suddenly you’re afraid and you don’t know what you’re afraid of. Do you ever get that feeling?
Paul Varjak: Sure.

30in30 012edit Holly Golightly: Well, when I get it the only thing that does any good is to jump in a cab and go to Tiffany’s. Calms me down right away. The quietness and the proud look of it; nothing very bad could happen to you there. If I could find a real-life place that’d make me feel like Tiffany’s, then – then I’d buy some furniture and give the cat a name!30in30 011edit

your comments (along with hoarding magazines with mother gatsby, strawberry popsicles, interpretive dancing to andrew bird and ra ra riot, multiple episodes of “late night with jimmy fallon”, and putting on a fancy dress) made me feel like i was let loose in a tiffany’s. i’d offer to give you all virtual hugs, but that makes me feel too much like that girl from “mean girls” that “DOESN’T EVEN GO HERE!”, so i think i’m just going to offer you a virtual cupcake. it’s red velvet and amazing, i can assure you.

now if  you’ll pardon me, i must buy some furniture and give a cat a name.

you know, the usual.

{also, let’s forget i ever started a 30-in-30 challenge, okay? i like outfit posts, but i’m waaaaay too type b for that much structure, ya dig? so, if anyone asks, it never happened. there might be some abe lincolns involved in this, if ya catch my drift. wink wink.}

changes and confessions, day 13;

30in30 006edit

                                         {dress, thrifted; belt, thrifted; tights, belks; shoes, free!}

i don’t know if it has been quite evident or not, but i’ve been feeling quite off lately. perhaps it is my jet lag (i can still get away with that, right?). or the fact that i’m in limbo (wishing it was with leo dicaprio) in terms with my moving soon (!!) and trying to figure out all of my school stuff (more on that later), but i’ve been feeling like my head is in an another world.

when i’m at work it literally takes me 3-5 seconds to drift off into my own world; this world is filled with puppies, and books, and non-floridian weather. weekend trips to cape cod and studying late at night with a thermos of coffee. learning about theatre during the holocaust, children’s literature, and universal grammar. and not explaining directions to nearby roller coasters to tourists for 8 hours every day.

30in30 011edit   needless to say, it’s been hard for me to stay present with so many exciting changes occurring within the next 1-3 months (holy moly). i just need to keep reminding myself that weeknight visits to goodwill and chipotle with my mom, snuggling with my dog, and screaming to adele in the car with mother dearest are precious moments that i need to savor.

30in30 007edit

whoa, too much deep contemplation for today. time to get to the light and fluffy now, shall we?!?

a few weeks ago i was honored to have been awarded a stylish blogger award from my dear friend fabienne (i am literally on my knees, bowing down yelling “i am not worthy! i am not worthy!” as i type this, fabienne!), upon accepting this award i have to confess seven facts about myself and then tag some other bloggers i’d like to get to know better!

1. i can basically subsist on puppy kisses alone. i swear it. all i need is a tail wag as i come through the door when i come home from work and i turn into a puddle like i’m alex mack. *

2. i fixate on things. hard core. for example, when i participated in nanowrimo last november i listened to only one cd when i wrote the novel: “the rhumb line” by ra ra riot. i read "born standing up” by steve martin twice in one week. and i can watch the same episode of snl over and over again, as well as the same cds over and over.  and i watched “amelie”  approximately 27 times in one month. this all usually annoys my roommates, but i can’t help it! i like what i like!

3. i’m a huge nerd. this really isn’t a confession or news. i’m just a big nerd, plain and simple. studying for 16 hours over the course of a weekend in my senior year was not out of the ordinary (sigh. ap biology. ugh). and i blame rory gilmore for being my enabler for this type of behavior in high school. yes, rory gilmore was my studying inspiration in high school. yes, i had something called a “studying inspiration” in high school. i wish i was kidding.

4.  becoming a vegan was possibly one of the best decisions i have ever made. i’ve been lactose intolerant/borderline allergic  since i was basically since i was a wee little mackenzie. and it took me nineteen years to realize that i don’t have to hobble around with stomach pains! what a startling discovery! i am in love with veganism, and basically want to have a platonic love-square with isa chandra moscowitz, terry hope romero, and dreena burton. holla at me, ladies.

5. I’M MOVING TO BOSTON!!!! (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) it’s been killing me with suspense, i’m so glad i can finally yell it from the blog rooftops now!

6. as of this summer (if all my financial aid pans out) i will be a student at a pretty serious school in boston. i’ll reveal which one it is once all my proverbial ducks are in a row and i’m fully registered! can i get a hell yeah for finally getting back to school, ladies?!

7. things i’ve never done: grown my hair past my shoulders, had a man-friend, had a friend named melvin (i’d like this one to change), owned a cat (surprisingly), been to europe. things i have done: gotten backstage twice! (one was vampire weekend, swoon), rock climbed, gotten a tattoo, watched the entire “gilmore girls” series twice**. in less than one year.

and now to tag some lovely ladies i’d luuuurve, luff, and loave to know better!

emily from say anything

chelsea from the triumphs and blunders of a kooky gal

anna, from little reminders of love

erin, from better than bland

maya, from the collegiate gourmande

danielle, from a nourishing glimpse

hannah, from as simple as that




*if you got that reference, you are officially my favorite person ever. EVER.

**i may or may not be listening to the “gilmore girls” soundtrack as i type this.

crashes and cupcakes, day 12;

  30in30day12 014edit

{cardigan, thrifted; skirt, thrifted (h&m); belt, thrifted; shoes, ross; tights, belks;}

guys. i had a totally amazing and meaty post written up neatly for you all. it had intrigue! and mystery! and my reveal of where i’m moving to! (woo!) and even an award and some secrets to be revealed.

and then my computer crashed. and then i got sad and disappointed for approximately 3 minutes.

30in30day12 015edit

and then i realized that disappointment and sadness over technology shouldn’t last more than that.

30in30day12 010edit

so i got over it.

and made red velvet cupcakes.


i have virtual cupcakes for all of you as an apology for the brevity and lack of intrigue in this post. but then again, maybe this is just me building suspense?

who knows? all i know is i have an oscar party awaiting me and my knee socks, and approximately 2.56 cupcakes with my name on them. and about 2 hours of pining over camera shots of jesse eisenberg in a tux at the oscars.

have a good night lovelies!

jet-lagging on day 11;

sanfrannyoutfit edit        {sweater, thrifted; shorts, thrifted; beanie, target; shoes, target;}

does anyone know what’s the actual cut-off day for when you can’t pass off feelings of nausea and slow reaction times to “jet lag”?

‘cause i’ve definitely had slow reaction times and faulty decision making, such as…

…probably wearing this sweater more than any other piece of clothing in my closet. even if i’m wearing an otherwise cute outfit, i almost always slip this sweater over it (i’m one of those freakish floridians that is always cold. yes, even in summer). which is funny because i only bought this sweater when i was freezing my buns off (i’m all for using anatomically correct terms) and bought it randomly at a thrift store on the way to a rehearsal at a theatre i was performing at. and you can guess what season it was. sanfrannyoutfit 020edit

…getting on my roof again for some prime outfit photo-taking. probably risking my life and dignity and  my lady parts being seen by all of the senior citizens that live in my neighborhood. then again, they might have been watching jeopardy! while this photo was being taken, so i might be off the hook.

…not really knowing when i last washed my hair when this photo was taken. (don’t judge me, judge frontier airlines for my jet lag). thank you, target beanie, for helping me pull of that disheveled man-is-it-bad-if-i-febreze-my-hair? look.

…you didn’t hear that from me.

…considering just eating pretzels and hummus for the rest of my days.

 sanfrannyoutfit 011edit

…on my roof. just taking pictures of myself in outfits. can i get a degree in that?

i am mackenzie, earning a degree in hummus consumption, outfit pictures, poetry and quotation appreciation. with a minor in perpetual jetlag.

30-in-50, right?!;

{top, thrifted; maxi skirt, forever 21; belt, thrifted; shoes, urban outfitters (DONOTBUYTHESE);}

the jig is up. my 30-in-30 is a total sham. if it had a nose, it would be at least 9 feet long, and growing. on its way to getting its own zip code. true story.

sometimes i pile up goals and challenges for myself. it’s just in my nature. i’ve always felt this irrepressible need to be a jill-0f-all trades. and not in a bad way, i totally enjoy it but sometimes this just gets me knee deep in silly endeavors i truly don’t have time for, or have already started eight other projects

“how about i master reiki this month? and read eight books?! sounds good, self” is not an abnormal thought process for me.

{the campanile @ uc berkeley}

perhaps i shouldn’t have taken on this challenge when i knew i would be traveling lots (and wanting to just wear sweatshirts in my hostel with some take-out thai food and talk to kooky hostelmates). but i don’t regret it. it’s definitely stopped me from wearing college sweatshirts and my bike shorts everyday.

{cheezin’ with my girl, gg bridge. jacket, gap; shorts, thrifted; tights, forever 21; scarf, anthro; secret sweatshirt underneath, uc berkeley student store, i wasn’t joking; }

and i love, love, love posting outfits up here on my little blog-child (don’t lie, your blog is your child too, right?!). you all are so encouraging and flattering and definitely give me a little skip in my step everyday when i see your lovely comments.

so bear with me, loves. homegirl will get to thirty. but it might be a 30-in-50. that way, you will (hopefully) see outfits that don’t include spandex and college sweatshirts from places i’ve never attended? (sorry, future man-friend. i have an impressive collection. and no, i’m not getting rid of them.)

{this is my “i just walked 13 miles and the golden gate bridge. i’mma eat soup in a breadbowl sooooo good” face.}


the art of getting lost on day 7;

sanfranny 098edit

 {sweater, thrifted; skirt, forever 21; jewelry; thrifted; please excuse the major “derp”/stank face}

confession: i’m terrible at directions. i never seem to remember directions, either in a work-setting or with basic navigation. heck, i barely remember names of people i just met. and this makes traveling, well, interesting…

which is basically why it’s great that i travel by myself. i never have to worry about someone getting angry about getting on the wrong bus (like i did today) or forgetting bus transfer sheets, or street names. or basically anything useful that you’d like to think you would remember when you’re traveling.

no, i’d very much rather live in a world filled with sassy librarian outfits, getting mauled with love by bernese mountain dogs, all with background music provided by ra ra riot (preferably this song).

sanfranny 036edit             {macondray lane}

…and hopefully stumble upon my travel destinations, with the wiggle of my nose, snap of my fingers, or something equally as magical.

which is basically what happened today. i had high hopes of basically pillaging all of san francisco of its baked goods, smelly books, and park space.

but i ended up taking the wrong bus and getting lost in an area that i was not familiar with (don’t worry, it wasn’t sketch; it totally had a gap store, nullifying any of my worries of sketch-dom), and it was possibly the greatest thing that could have happened.

i just kind of walked around with my ra-ra-riot soundtracked world and…

i quickly plowed through city lights books. and plotted how i could fit the entire store in my classy jansport.

sanfranny 025edit

and definitely cleaned a plate-full of yellow curry at “tuk-tuk thai” (found on accident). where i was greeted by the most precious waiters on the face of the earth and oodles of motivational posters  (with golfers on them, i kid you not), that brought me back to my high school guidance counselor’s office.

sanfranny 033edit                  {washington square park}

and then was promptly hit on by a somewhat-creepy dude when i was just trying to enjoy my book in washingston square park (also found on accident). our conversation may have gone as such:

rando creepy dude: …so can i get your number?

me: sorry, but i have a boyfriend (LIES. ALL LIES).

rando: what, is he the jealous type?

me: yeah, jesse (as in jesse eisenberg. i scare myself sometimes) is definitely the jealous type. 

then stumbled upon grace cathedral. and was just in awe for about 2 hours of my life straight. i kid you not. modeled after the notre dame cathedral?! with a recreation of ghiberti’s famous doors?! swoon.

sanfranny 072edit

but being my 80 year old self, my 9 o’ clock bedtime is calling my name, and my “boyfriend” jesse eisenberg is awaiting me for totally pirating “the social network” cuddle time.

sigh, you know how fake boyfriends are…