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1. your view. 2. words. 3. hands. 4. strangers. and then picasa made me want to rage. so please excuse the deluge of photos.

5. 10 am. 6. dinner. 7. button. 8. sun.

9. front door. 10. self portrait. 11. makes you happy (jane and her scarf-finding skillz). 12. inside your closet.

13. blue. 14. heart 15. phone. 16. something new (petsi’s pies!)
                                        17. time. 18. drink. 19. something you hate to do. 20. handwriting.
                21. where you work. 22. a favorite photo of you. 23. shoes. 24. inside your bathroom closet.

25. green. 26. night (riesling at a french restaurant, camera broken!) 27. something you ate. 28. money. 29. something you’re listening to.

my new york city itinerary;

201201161213.jpg 201201161213.jpg 201201161213.jpg 201201161213.jpg

get on lovely double decker bus to nyc. get “crunk” off of kombucha tea. choke down the delicious vinegar-y taste of said kombucha as you indulge in some good teen fiction. get incept-a-grammed by your favorite bros from high school as you down a veggie burger and watch portlandia.

201201161213.jpg 201201161213.jpg 201201161214.jpg

prance across brooklyn with aforementioned bros. stumble across nyu’s department of linguistics and have a nerdgasm. go into what might be the most unusual place i have ever been to in soho. survive the nyc subway system by yourself (!!!!)

201201161214.jpg201201161334.jpg 201201161333.jpg201201161214.jpg

get smitten with columbia university. down multiple cups of tea and begin planning your escape from the northeast. make fun of guy friend’s rat tails.
201201161343.jpg 201201161344.jpg


realize you are sort of obsessed with creepy churches at night. go to the strand bookstore and have a seizure over their children’s lit section. begin to understand that the northeast’s winters don’t play around, they are colder than a witch’s teat. stumble upon a german-austrian art museum, get tempted by the sight of “quark” (one of my favorite german words, it means “soft cheese” and is so fulfilling to say) on the cafe menu.

201201161346.jpg 201201161346.jpg


make derp-y faces in front of the library you wanted to see the most, that you might have had on a list entitled “libraries to see before you keel over” for a few years now. spot a dismembered lobster and immediately miss the great state of massachusetts. make “home alone” references in central park that only you get. gallivant with lady friends and thaw out on your bus back to bean town, rinse and repeat.

adventures, being agape, and bros;

mrowboston 001editmrowbostontake2 003edit

mrowbostontake2 005edit

mrowbostontake2 017edit

mrowbostontake2 019edit

mrowboston 037edit mrowboston 017edit

never have i felt so much like the word “agape”. as i’ve said before. i’m a total word-dork. i can sit for hours dissecting a idiom or word and trying to figure out how it came to be.

and i can honestly say that “agape” describes me right now. totally and utterly agape.  i cannot believe i found so many lovely apartments. i can’t believe that i love boston even more than i thought, despite its murkiness. i actually think i liked it because it was gross some days (AND SNOWED!)

and i cannot lie. i love the bro-y-ness of the city. i found it comforting to see so many bros, clad in their backwards red sox hats and gold chains. it was a lot more comforting than the blasting reggaeton that greeted me at orlando international airport last night.

but i love you, broston.

i mean. boston. i meant boston. i swear.

i’m super excited to know that soon i will be residing in the city where…

…there are so many longchamp bags that i wouldn’t be surprised if your longchamp bag had its own longchamp bag.

…the city of cambridge in general. for being the city of cambridge.

…you can trip over cobblestones with fake grace in your obnoxiously loud shoes (mackenzie. why do you only pack heels when you travel? you are the dumbness.) and people will only stare and snicker a little bit.

…it takes frequent naps. it is above not sleeping. especially the t-stations that close at 12:45 with you inside of them. with a homeless man and a nice older woman named stella. not that this happened to me or anything.

see you soon, broston!

i’ll save up money for my longchamp bag (and its own longchamp bag) in the meanwhile.


san francisco, the lost chronicles;

sanfranny 005 {i recently just realized that i got a bit lazy towards the end of my trip! i found a bunch of amazing tidbits i forgot to share! hope you enjoy :)}

sanfranny 018

sanfranny 012

sanfranny 013

sanfranny 015

sanfranny 020

sanfranny 062

sanfranny 061  sanfranny 051

sanfranny 024

sanfranny 035  sanfrannyoutfit 003 sannyfranny 027

sannyfranny 031

{1-5; ferry building farmers market. a man wrote me a poem, i ate ramen, smelled tulips, and ogled streetcars.

6-8; berkeley carillon, couples, swing dancers, and the view @ the campanile.

9-10; puppies and the golden gate bridge.

11-14; hostel friends and the san francisco valentines day pillow fight. }

oh my;

sanfranny 091edit

     {nob hill, san francisco. circa february 2011. was it really a month a ago?!}

i miss this city. oh so much more than you know.

i miss most cities for that matter. and cramped airports that bustle with excitement. overpriced food.

and street performers in all of the subway stations.

(i miss the street performers most of all. there are no better acoustics for a blind man singing etta james’ “at last”  than a stop on the boston green line.)

do the dance;


"dance, when you’re broken open. dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off. dance in the middle of the fighting. dance in your blood. dance when you’re perfectly free."


the prodigal daughter;

{i’m back! the prodigal daughter is back. and despite leaving my computer charger at my hostel, and blogging from my mom’s ghetto fab computer, i have quite the meaty post for you}

everytime i go on a trip i feel like i arrive at some sort of realization. in chicago, it was that i didn’t have to stay in a place because i felt i was obligated to. in boston, it was that cities can completely surprise you and beat out any of your expectations. and in new york, it was that i didnt like new york at all (i know, blasphemy). but in san fran, and a few days prior to my departure to san fran, it was that “holy crap, this is what my life can be like ALL THE TIME! IT’S HAPPENING. IT’S REALLY HAPPENING!” feeling. sort of like you are in the lizzie-mcguire-movie version of your life, and feeling like “hey now hey now, this is what dreams are made of” moment. and ethan craft totally thinks your hair and outfit and lipgloss/you is/are cute.

two days before i got to san francisco, i got to see this band and this band. me and my fellow dance-challenged white girl ladyfriends were dancing up a storm right in front as they were playing. and who would guess that our terrible dance moves would get us backstage and eventually we got invited to go to the  theme parks with the band? not me.

one day before san francisco, i got to see yann tiersen. no explanation needed.

and while i was in san francisco, you better believe i got myself into some silly situations:

 mauled with love by multiple bernese mountain dogs. talking to men wearing berets (whose houses were used in the movie “i married an axe murderer”?!). going to mass at grace cathedral. getting hit on in parks and making up fake boyfriends.  meeting so many fantastically crazy and like-minded folks in my hostel. and meeting awesome blog friends (!!!)

 visiting the ucberkeley campus and then that spiraling into swing dancing with ucberkeley students and then going to get curry with ucberkeley students and then going to a play with ucberkeley students and then wanting to just become a ucberkeley student.

finding new friends who are going to be moving to the same city you will be moving to (cryptic for now, as plans get finalized! ). and who will be going to the same school as you will be in the fall (once again, cryptic just for now! note: it is not ucberkeley.)

having a romantic valentine’s day spent on alcatraz, a dinner at cafe gratitude, then an impromptu city-wide pillow fight (yes, pillow fight).

you see, guys. this is why i love traveling by myself. you learn the power of yes and no. no, mr. frenchdude, i do not want to go alone to the golden gate bridge with you (ironic? yes. true story? yes.) why yes, i’d love to go get curry and see a play with you awesome swing-dancing ucberkeley kids. no, i don’t want to work at this theme park anymore. but yes, i’d love to go to your school. and yes, i’d love to say yes to life a bit more.

in short, i finally feel like my life is starting. like this is it, this is where i finally get to say i’m getting somewhere. slowly but surely i’m getting there. i might be the tortoise in the situation. but i’d rather be the tortoise than a specatator of the race.

then again, i still haven’t seen “gnomeo and juliet” (i’ve legitimately waited 1.5 years for this movie), so i think that’s a good jumping off point for this whole life-starting-back-up again thing.

{photos; 1. in front of golden gate bridge 2. beach overlooking alcatraz 3 man who wrote me a free poem at ferry building farmers market 4. steepest hill i climbed/died on 5. doe library @ ucberkeley 6. coffee art @ blue bottle coffee}

my idea of romance;

sanfrannyalcatraz 153edit sanfrannyalcatraz 215editsanfrannyalcatraz 210edit sanfrannyalcatraz 151edit sannyfranny 002edit sannyfranny 012editsannyfranny 023editsannyfranny 030edit   

{alcatraz, red velvet “cheesecake” at cafe gratitude, and san francisco valentine’s day pillow fight. basically my idea of romance.}

hey loves, i just wanted to show some pictures of what i believe was possibly the best valentine’s day of my little life. the last couple days have been nothing short of fantastic and i can’t wait to tell you of all the weird (yet fantastic!) adventures i’ve gotten myself into on this trip.

but as we all know, traveling, and that g0-g0-go mindset can take its toll. i will probably be back to regular posts once i get home on thursday, bond with my furry boyfriend (my dog. i sadly am not in a relationship with a bearded fellow), and take full advantage of my tempur-pedic pillows and seasons 1-5 of “gilmore girls”.

so until then, have a lovely tuesday!