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on who i am at the moment;


at this moment in time…

….i’m much more content going to concerts solo. crocheting on a friday night and listening to songs like these. spend the evening prancing around beacon hill, arm in arm with a small group of friends.

i’m so, so, so hopeful. of everything. of the future book i dream about finishing. of the mountain-top home that will house me and my pack of dogs post-graduation. of this glittery city that i luckily call home. even so hopeful of the next book i want to read and the next pot of coffee i will make. the hope is getting scattered everywhere and i’m in no hurry to clean it up.

i’m so at peace when i find myself daydream about my thesis (i don’t graduate until 2013. i am gross). when i listen to my coffee grinder grind up my coffee for my french press. when i glance over my book to catch a look-see of the charles when my train car crosses over it.

i’m in disbelief that in a month i will get to go home for the first time in six months. i will get to see my platonic soul mate. and eat black bean burgers at my favorite deli. and eat tofu stir-fries at my favorite chinese restaurant. actually, all of my excitement is wrapped up in eating, so i will stop while i’m ahead.

i’m my own best company. i’m my own best friend. that is not to say i am some hermit, but what it really boils down to, i have this bubbling little cauldron of happy in me that i alone have made for myself. and that’s an important distinction, don’t you think?

i’m really loving the collection of baubles and moments i call my life. from squirrels crawling on my lap. to getting mauled with love by puppies in beacon hill. to my hilarious romantic misadventures (someday i will have to chronicle those. they are too ridiculous to not to be told). to being quidditch team mom. i’ve perched all of them on my dresser to gaze at them, in all their misshapen, yet endearing, loveliness.


{photos courtesy of the lovely maya munoz}

who has two thumbs, speaks limited french;


and is on her way to the 2011 quidditch world cup?!

this moi!

that’s right. i seriously cannot make this stuff up. i’m currently in a car full of fellow team moms (yes, there are multiple team moms for emerson’s world cup team. we go big.)

but anywhosits, being team mom is strenuous stuff. it involves waking up sleep deprived college boys, baking loaves upon loaves of banana bread and feeding an entire team of players of a fictional sport.

in short, i love my life.

i’m a city girl, ma;

broston 003editbroston 011edit broston 016edit broston 013edit broston 004edit

rattling off directions and street names for confused tourists.

biking home at 11 pm on my new, hot pink ride, neptune. BEST IMPULSE CRAIGSLIST BUY EVER. i’m really loving biking over the mass. ave bridge from cambridge with the city shining on both my shoulders.

reading anna’s post here and nodding with approval.

the new addition to my vocabulary; the word “wicked”.

genuinely believing that every one walks too slow on the sidewalks.

my new favorite things being replaced with the following: large dogs at the farmers market, food trucks outside the library (best. combination. ever.) sitting and reading books in harvard yard. story time and craft time at work.

talking to my mom about how i feel like going back to the south would feel so foreign right now. sweet tea? no bike lanes? the use of the term ”ma’am”? the wearing of camouflage to be expected? wicked weird.

and she started laughing and said “you’re a city girl now, kenz.”

look at me, guys. i’m a city girl. who would have known?




can we please have a freak out moment for a bit?!


okay. did you jump high and flail your arms and sing “you can call me al” by paul simon around your apartment?


okay, go for it now.

alright. so now that we’re on the same page i can get to my point.

110830-143851edit 11dkfhgdjfgedit



i am so excited to break out my bookish blazers like i did yesterday. get myself on my new bike (she is such a beaut. her name is neptune and she might be my best impulse buy ever.)

to bike myself to my fancy writing classes with my lisa frank folders and velvet pencils.

to put on my tina fey glasses and get back into school mode.  is it just me or is there nothing better than school? besides putting sriracha sauce on everything, of course, there isn’t.

another thing i missed besides school was obviously some embarrassing amounts of outfit posts. they make me more accountable so i don’t just loaf around in my bike shorts and sports bra as i eat baked beans in my new apartment. which i do a lot more than i am ready to admit, but that’s besides the point. i’m really trying hard not to be that blogger who posts gratuitous amounts of pictures of herself taking herself too seriously.

i think i pulled it off.

especially with this winner.110830-143903edit

pose inspiration courtesy of lil’ john.

little victories;

broston 002editedit {brattle book shop, boston}

sometimes i go through the day, thinking like all i can hope for are those little moments of feeling like you are winning. you have these little victories scattered throughout your week that are so worthy of being celebrated. here are a few;

it might be the man on the subway who smiles at you and gives you his seat.

or the homeless man who says “hello, pretty lady!” whenever you pass him in harvard square.

or have little kids tug on your skirt after story-time, who appreciate all of your silly voices and faces when you pretend to be a big, burly bear.

it’s realizing that the beatles had it all wrong. happiness isn’t a warm gun, it’s a huge fish burrito eaten in the middle of boston common.

dirty jokes texted between you and your mom.

the beginnings of sweater weather. the little pin pricks of chills on my bare forearms have been a welcome experience.

it’s finding this hidden treasure (above photo). immediately fighting back urges to hyperventilate into a paper bag upon finding such a lovely sight. books outside for three dollars?! be still my heart.

it’s drinking an earl grey tea latte in the common, 45 minutes too early for my orientation yesterday. 

the common is an interesting sight at 8:15 am. a man was fighting pigeons and a crowd of people were doing tai chi and all seemed right in the world.


what have been your little victories this week, dears?

guess who’s baaaaaaack!?


{boston commons, november 2010}


i am back in boston! and basically doing happy dances all around the city. and in the subway cars. unless people are giving me stank-faces in the subway cars.

which is all the time. so i politely whip out my kindle or nonchalant-seeming young adult novel. and take off my happy dance shoes.

and bedazzled jazz hands gloves.

haters gonna hate.

but yes. i’m here until sunday, which gives me 5, count ‘em 5 days to find an apartment for the summer AND a job. and go to another mit frat party. but that’s another story.

needless to say, i’m a gangly pseudo-ginger filled with excitement and anxiety! so if my posting gets spotty it’s because i’m either holed up at in a caffeine haze at cafe pamplona (currently looking at it with seductive eyes. and winky faces). or smelling old books. or i’m spending a leisurely friday night reading wedding magazines with my bff (we’re scary. i know.)

but for now, i’m reporting from the harvard square coop (possibly one of my favorite places on earth), listening to students talk about psychology. and seeing as i am running on less than 4 hours of sleep, my brain is feeling quite heavy! i’m not even quite sure where i am right now.

someone get me coffee. i will give you a hug.

but i’m sending you lots of love from beantown. and be on the look out, for as soon as i get back lazarus will be doing some traveling of his own!



pining for college, dorm rooms and all;


cambridge, circa november 2010.

guys, i don’t think there is anyone who adores school quite as much as i do.

i was always that girl. i’d correct your spelling. and your math homework. with a smile on my face as i color-coded my notes with different hello kitty highlighters. winning every school spelling bee that i could. and devouring any book i could (afterall, i was the student assistant to the library when i was in middle school. could you expect anything less from me?)

i love the romanovs . and i could be seen spending most nights in high school on wikipedia, looking up rasputin or the swedish royals. and the online etymology dictionary basically owns me, heart and soul.

and it was never my intention to leave school this past april because i disliked school. HA! far from it. that school just wasn’t right for me. but now that i’m not in school currently, i miss it more than you know.

i miss the smelly books that would greet me every time i had to go into the russian literature section. they’re cracked covers seemed to say, “well, hi there, mackenzie! prepared to be depressed by this protagonist for the  rest of the night. and yes, he is going to somehow lose his nose in the course of this story. you heard me right, nose.”

i miss color-coding my notes with my collection of sharpie pens (i’m up to at least 30 now). blue for history, always. green for science. red for literature. always, always, always.

and hell, i even miss getting overpriced for textbooks. that’s just the college experience.

and i miss everything that the lovely camilla described in her postthe intellect. the staying up late studying. i miss bringing my huge thermos of coffee to my favorite nook in the library to basically translate organismic biology into my own language.  i even dream about french philology programs and grad school programs in linguistics.(lofty dreams.)

and basically every vampire weekend song on their first album makes me pine for college, fluorescently-lit dorm rooms and all. especially this one.

but being me, i’ve applied for transfer admission, guys. four months until the deadlines (nerd alert). i’m really, really doing it. i’m going back to school. and i’m basically feeling like a 13 year old girl at a justin bieber concert.

yes, i just made that analogy. school is the justin bieber of my life.

let’s just hope that my dream schools are planning to do one of those metaphorical coy hair flips in my general direction.