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{adventures in lady-dating} ghost-touring;


i am stubborn to a fault. whoa. shocker, right?
i have a good idea of what i like, how i like it, and usually stick to it. and for me, some activities are best done solo. i once missed out on steve martin tickets because i waited for people to get back to me and i still have night terrors because of it.

i am also a firm believer in lady-dates. taking yourself out to dinner. concerts in cramped concert halls with a bright orange wristband confirming your existence because friend’s instagram photos won’t. and that’s perfectly fine. buying that “for two” groupon that might make you stick out in a group of 11, where you have to say “#12 isn’t coming” when they take a roll call. but you’ll smile as you say it. it was on purpose.

enter: that time i went on a groupon date by myself. in salem. for a ghost tour.


unlike most of my lady-dates, this was quite accidental. my roommate hannah and i had been planning this groupon date for months. i got a coupon for a groupon (aka. a groupon coupon.) which made all of my ghost tour dreams come true at a price of $5. i am cheap date. and derive much satisfaction from this fact. i also got to take the commuter rail and i have a not-so-secret obsession with taking the commuter rail. that purple train gets my heart bumping, for sure.


about thirty mins before our date, as i was nestled in my cushy seat gulu gulu cafe (dog-themed! modeled after a cafe in prague where the owners met and fell in love! all the wifi!)  in salem, poor hannah had to cancel because she had been spending the weekend in the fetal position and speaking was arduous without the need to vomit coming soon after. homegirl got a rain check and i trudged on through salem after getting lost in a graveyard with the ghost tour guide on the phone with me for a combined total of twenty mins (over the course of three phone calls. i really really wish i was joking)

after i freaked out my tour guide, and squeaked out that i bought the groupon for just me (and a group of groupon biddies raised their eyebrows in my general direction), she handed me what seemed to be a “barbie ghost tour” device and a bejeweled pendulum and on we pranced through a graveyard.

so far, so good.

we ended up going through a bunch of graveyards, and in the bottom of a basement of an former firehouse/present day insurance office (where apparently there was a puppy ghost who had a history of thumping his spectral tail at ghost-hunters. needless to say, i focused all of my energy the entire two-hour tour trying to find ghost puppies. not even lying.

being honest, the tour was a total hokey-fest. i should have known it when my tour arrived wearing leopard yoga pants and uggs, with her best friend who sat behind her and laughing quietly from time to time, staring down at her own pair of uggs to hide her chuckles. i got heckled by a really drunk woman in a graveyard, who stumbled out of a salem bar and asked me if i was a ghost hunter and if she was on tv at that very moment in time.

it felt like an episode of “the office” , but i was the only one aware of  the cameras. totally worth the five dollars, two hours of my life, and eyebrow raising at the unseen camera like i was jim and pam. it got the “mackenzie lady date” stamp of approval.

{tune in to my next adventures in lady dating post, where my dear friend emily and i take on montreal, 24-hour bagel shops, and i will attempt to touch josh ritter’s suspenders at his concert…coming to a blog near you ~ mid-february.} 



{cycle love} holiday cycling;


oh gosh. can’t believe i forgot to clarify this in my other cycling post.

thiiiiiiiiis is what i meant by “winter cycling”. easy mix-up. so sorry. easy to do, ya know? can you tell millie and i are very excited for this winter cycling season?

disgruntled face optional, but very recommended.

november favorites;


walking down harvard st. with a bottle of sriracha sauce. typical.

the smiling poop emoji (who am i kidding, really? year-round favorite).

rediscovering how much “benny and the jets” has an effect on my internship productivity.

10:30 pm bed times. three blankets. a new space heater. i’m going by the name “mildred” now, just an fyi.

burt’s bees chapstick in ruby grapefruit. bought only because it reminded me of the homeland.

speaking of the homeland, daydreaming about swimming in my community pool.  as soon as i get off the plane. in mid-december. swampland, i salute you.

ordering home try-ons from warby parker. the most hipster ones. so ruben and i could try them on.

hosting a holiday party for this weekend. with a dress code (cheesy sweaters are openly verboten. fancy dress only). and this afroman christmas cd bumpin’ in the background. naturally.

that all of my conversations with my mom lately have been about the ranking of black bean burgers in orlando (toojay’s wins always) and which restaurants we are planning to pillage of their foodstuffs once i make landfall.

the tikka masala burrito at boloco. i’ve been getting hot and steamy with one of those guys on a weekly basis. so good. currently in need of godparents for my food-baby. whoops.

that the super soft-spoken guy in my creative writing class started off his critique of my piece with “so, you used the word ‘turd’ a lot.”

how proud i felt making the soft-spoken guy say “turd” out loud. and then he asked “so, what’s the origin of this ‘turd’?”

recipes for pumpkin chocolate chip bread that yield two loaves. not one, two. two, as in the quantity that is completely necessary and recommended.

cutting the aforementioned pumpkin bread into one big slice, instead of two smaller slices, because then it means i’ve only had one slice. mackenzie logic always wins.



all of the thanks;

thanks to having enough time to read books for pleasure this semester….err, i don’t actually have the time to do it, but i stubbornly assume i do…and then don’t do required readings. so, um. whoops. but thanks.

thanks be to louis c.k., sangria, and fresh skeins of yarn. that is all i need.

thank you to eight minute “cleaning lady” version of  fleetwood mac’s “sara” (“i wanna be a star! i don’t wanna be a cleaning lady!”= my new mantra for post-grad life.)

thanks to the hello kitty house slippers that make me forget i have the worst circulation in all the land. #anemicgirlproblems.

thanks be to the lovely state of massachusetts. your weather confusion, subway performers, and creepy churches keep me smitten with you despite the snot-filled, 27 degree bike rides i endure each morning.

thanks to the bulldog upstairs that really isn’t supposed to be upstairs. even though my landlord doesn’t know about you, i’m glad i get to pet you illegally every other morning or so.

thanks to the right to vote. and the eight year-olds that tried to sell me quiche as i waited in line at the elementary down the street. classic brookline, massachusetts.

thank you insulting bowling alley personas, and salty tasty burger fries.

thanks to the tea selection at the tj maxx down the road (whatever, it’s so good!) and the odd stares i get from my friends when i tell them i have to “stop by tj maxx to get more tea.”

thanks to all of my coffee mugs for looking so damn cute in my  pantry alcove.

thanks for having a dreamy apartment with a freaking pantry alcove.

thanks for three weeks and a plane flight being the only barrier between loving on this nugget.

thanks to the dirty jokes my mother texts me each morning. you are the best way to wake up.

thanks to you, dear reader, for sticking around for my rambles. i adore each and everyone of you. really and truly.

ivy-covered life, a playlist;

{click above for playlist!}

boston and i have been super buddy-buddy lately. i ask her for a sunny day when i don’t have twelve hours of class and internship inside of classrooms full of recycled air. i ask her to give me just enough time to finish up the wonder spot by melissa bank & sula by toni morrison and (guys, my life was changed on the arm of my grandma chair). i ask her for lovely blog friends and old co-workers to  get wired puppy with.

she gives it to me. she tips her cap, says “sorry i was being so lame this time last year,” and gives it to me.

mornings have been punctuated by tea + absurd amounts of soy creamer, daydreaming about anne sexton papers, and coffee with my favorite professors talking about grad school prospects (swoon). afternoons are a hurried rush of microwaved peanut noodles and trying to snag bylines at my internship. nights of bananagrams and pumpkin candles and puzzle times and swing-dancing with strange guys in chairman mao costumes (seriously though). breakfast nooks + earl grey. bowling + tasty burger fries eaten on alleyway stoops. snow muddled with red leaves.

  in short, this is the ivy-covered life i’ve constructed. i dig it. it’s like a ridiculous caricature of an anthropologie catalogue, but i so dig it.

the girl crush is back;

because of this video.

guys, i don’t think you understand how complete i feel right now. because of the existence of this video. it has everything i’ve ever asked the universe for:

more st.vincent in my life (girl crush is at an all-time high). david byrne from the talking heads (which is just perfect, because i’ve been listening to this classic for days.) freakin’ HORNS(!!!) goofy white people dancing. black and white music video. sweet harms (harmonies).

i am literally beside myself. i’ll brb. i have to go breathe heavily into a bag right now. i’ll be in a dark corner if you need me.

a recipe for a good fall;

four hours spent in three of the best seats at harvard stadium. or, the nerdiest seats in the whole dang stadium. you decide for yourself.

three hours on a rainy day in harvard square for all the honk fest festivities. activism and marching bands and my favorite marionette girl?! sign me up. also, one sleepy victim of some total #honkfeststruggs

one package of gnocchi. two pumpkin beers. two best lady friends. all of the girl talk and tales of awkward dates.

three parts adding to what i call the “fall porn of the internet” by taking picture of all the foliage. totally exploiting all of the leaves.

six hours spent hiking up mt. percival in new hampshire and pretending to be smeagol/gollum/ brian from hatchet. one realization that the hiking signs in the white mountain were most likely written by damian from “mean girls.” 

eight hours at the life is good festival. free foodstuffs and good vibes abound. sara bareilles being hilarious and then sad, which just meant my mom and i yelling “SAD SARA. DON’T BE SAD” at her whenever she played a sad song.

no regrets were to be had, besides not eating any more corn fritters and blueberry chile sauce.

one author event for michael chabon, where i tried to suppress my school-girl giggles as he signed my book and shook my hand.

ten minutes spent on my walk home from the bookstore, debating how long i could go without washing my right hand. and interpreting every single thing chab-chabs (my new pet-name for him) as an invitation to be his mistress. or something. i mean. whatever.

two days with a cookie pie, that’s all it took to eat this bad boy. by myself, naturally.

two very happy ladies and two very large veggie burgers from bartley’s. one very cranky stomach, due to the unhappy mixture of fried eggs, cole slaw, and hot sauce.

live and learn, but bartley’s does no wrong.

one  mom getting hit on my a strange italian dude named bruno at south station. extra points if he calls her the next day and sings to her in italian on voicemail.

the result? one very good fall. so far, pretty damn good.

october favorites;

{a tree grows in brookline. seewhatididthere?}

reliving tenth grade by crocheting and listening to tegan and sara on loop.
sweet potato drop biscuits.
linked pinkies.
false lashes and wigs for halloween parties.
“hello kitty” house slippers.

cookie pies made with two cans of white beans in them (?!)
daydreaming about rushing the stage at the ben folds concert tonight.
my 8:30 am bike rides down beacon st.
“super bass” by nick minaj blasting in my house= the main reason i get anything done.

that twenty minutes before sleep when i finally get the chance to get into a good book.
 the pronunciation of “chateau neuf-du-pape” .
when you see a guy who wears patterned socks.
a-minuses on papers.
blueberry chile sauce and corn fritters at outdoor festivals.

the state of maine.
walking the mass. ave bridge at night with too much champagne.
hiking boots.
homemade pizza.
getting flour on my dresses.

pinch me;

as i mentioned in my last post, homegirl over here has been churning out some blog posts and tweets at my internship. oh hey, that’s my name on a big-girl website. oh hey, i might be having heart palpitations. oh hey, i might be humming that song from the lizzie mcguire movie. what is shame? i don’t know where i put mine.

maybe you’d like to take a gander? here are some photos i took as a photographer for boston’s fashion week (with my bright red point-and-shoot. haters with dslrs to the left). and a book review i did.

maybe you’d like to pinch me, because i think i might be dreaming?

i like to think that the universe has provided me with a completely awkward  life in exchange for a really neat internship that i adore a whole lot. everything is balanced. hey, i might have to go on dates with guys who come with painted nails (true story), but i get to blog about halloween playlists and tweet about bamboo toothbrushes. it evens out.

i’ll be accepting pinches until december 18, 2012. just an fyi.