keep warm + hello!


how have you all been?
i’ve been doing swell.
i graduate in two, count ‘em, two weeks {!!!}
and then edith the cat and i are on a one way trip down to good ol’ florida.
the swampland of my heart.
then i’m off to germany + prague for a few weeks to do some general prancing and solo-adventuring. yay!

then…question mark. who really knows.
which is pretty cool, right? i dig it.
all i know is i have a big order of puppy kisses
{+ i’ve been hinting at getting these roller skates for christmas for MONTHS.}

soooooo i just wanted to pop back in to say hi + a little bit of gross self-promotion!
you know how it goes.
at least i’m being upfront about it.
you are allowed to ‘x’ out of your browser as of now.

still here?
so, get this. i have a sociopathic amount of scarves in my house.
and it’s colder than a witches’ teat outside.

and since i love you all so much and don’t want anyone’s necks to get hypothermia,
i’ve made a little handy-dandy coupon for my etsy shop for all of you who have been reading my incoherent rambles for however long.
{extra points if you’ve been here since i wrote literary raps}

Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 2.17.26 PM
{the coupon code is WHATEVRGATSBY12}

i also do custom orders.
i actually lurrrrrrrve custom orders.
even if you want hearts in the yarn,
or god forbid want a hufflepuff scarf {hufflepuffs are a bunch of spares, sorry}
or want tassles or glitter,
or want a scarf so thick it stretches your neck like a kayan woman. 

i will do it. seriously.

{they are all currently wool-free for all you sheep-lovers,
but i can make wool ones if you need the sheepy warmth. i totally get it.}

and if not, fill my comments on all you are up to!

xo m.

a see ya later, not a goodbye;

IMG_4707          {admittedly, most of my posing inspiration comes from the 40 year-old virgin poster}

i’ve learned a lot this summer. primarily the teachings of the little girls i’ve been lucky to babysit for, in that really fantastic range of four to eight years-old.

a kid knows instinctually when they find something not as fun, and quickly run to the nearest hot pink razor scooter, or rollerblades {where i would inevitably roll into a mailbox because i don’t know how to stop *ahem* still don’t know how to} or break open a fresh pack of dunkaroos.

oh my god or a mondo drink. or god forbid a box of those little cookie panda-things filled with strawberry cream. okay, so eight year-old me definitely had maple syrup and cookies and cream ice cream for blood. and honey nut cheerios for platelets. and an entenmann’s coffee cake for a liver. we can set that as fact. i had the jowls to show for it.

meanwhile, back at the ranch. i think it’s all too easy to lose that instinctual feeling of “wow, this is a chore” or “holy crap, when did i last have fun doing this” or “if hyperlinking another youtube scene in spaceballs is all i did today then by jove, i’d be a big ball of sad.” 

which is not what this is all about. and i think a lot of the gaps that have been in this blog this summer have been filled with me being more instinctual about having the kind of fun i instinctually want to have, off the screen. and keeping it to myself has been more of something i’ve wanted to do.

i’ve loved being a part of this community, and will always love to read your thoughts, adventures, and kale recipes, but i think for me i’m getting to a point where i’d like to think less of what photo filter on #vscocam to put my weekend under and more of where the nearest mr. frostee truck is and where to get a stylin’ pair of rollerskates.

i love you all and these past four years of blogging would never have been as cool without your cake ball recipes, corgi .gifs, and just garden-variety coolness. so for now, i’d like to bid you all a “see ya later,” {’cause you know i can’t stay away for too long} and definitely not a “goodbye” because that’s pretty sappy and i like to keep the sap down to a minimum, ’cause that ish is messy.

wanna keep in touch? i’m only moderately clingy.


summer reads, just add water;

oyeyey{oh, woops! well, howdy there. as it is always doing, life had to be lived and summertime means laptop-thigh-sweat started happening. you know how that goes. we’ll just let my little absence slide, right? i thank you kindly. as a bartering tool, here’s one of my favorite things to put up on this little space.}

some of you might be wondering why i am in new york this summer. and most of you aren’t which is okay, because there are plenty of other things to wonder about like where to get a doris day tattoo {foot + ankle, all the way}, or what brand of tj’s hummus to get {white bean, guys}, or which corgi on reddit is the cutest {all of them. just all of them}

meanwhile, back at the ranch, i’m here doing the all-too-familiar grind of interning. which is great! i love that grind, especially when the intern in question involves something i didn’t even know people could do as a job.

kind of like when you realize that people train bears for movies. or everything tina fey manages to do. and the olympic sport of curling. but i digress. i’m interning at a fancy-schmance film studio in their literary department. “what does that mean, mackenzie?” you might ask, but probably aren’t. well, friends, that means i read not-published-yet manuscripts, book proposals, all the newspapers ever, and movie websites and comb it for any little nugget of adaptation news or books that could possibly be adapted into movies for aforementioned fancy studio.

usually the combing results in a lot of this. regardless, the combing is mega-fun. my life is essentially the devil wears prada {one of the movies the fancy-schmance studio has distributed *wink*}

except i work with a bunch of dudes and they don’t care that most of my outfits involve bike shorts of some sort. i also haven’t had to rush into oncoming traffic for the never-before-seen copy of harry potter book #8. at least, not yet.
…and also the internship means exposure to all of these books i think ya’ll would love.

where’d you go bernadette by maria semple {i know this is everywhere, but rightly so}
just kids by patti smith
how to be a woman by caitlin moran (life.changing. ya’ll.)
kiss me like a stranger by gene wilder
swamplandia! by karen russell
wild by cheryl strayed {don’t read the first 50 pages in a public place. you will want to cry and call your mom or both at the same time. one of those ugly-snot tears.}

*currently reading:
even cowgirls get the blues by tom robbins {for the mental livelihood of all girls-at-heart}

*to read:
the group by mary mccarthy
what she saw…:a novel by lucinda rosenfeld {can’t find this anywhere. what is this nonsense?} mr. penumbra’s 24-hour bookstore by robin sloan
someday, someday, maybe by lauren graham  {lorelai gilmore ftw}
vampires in the lemon grove by karen russell
my year with eleanor  by noelle hancock
the astronaut wive’s club
by lily koppel
the yonahlossee riding camp for girls by anton disclafani
high fidelity by nick hornby {or rather, finish reading it}

*internship reads {top secret, except not really, but i like to tell myself that}:
-neat YA novel about a 17 year-old girl spy in WWI-era england {loved it! can’t wait for it to publish}
-a new david levithan {!}
-some mega-bad british sci-fi.{like really bad, guys. weird short stories about sexual tension between androids is just awk.}
-romantic memoir about a romance editor, i.e. the dudes in the office didn’t want to read it.
-a new sarah dessen{!!!}

what have you read lately and loved {or hated!} ?

being one with nature &etc;

photo (6)IMG_2731IMG_2735 (1)IMG_2741

{prospect park}

it may not be obvious, but i’m a big fan of dirt.
i really dig the stuff {hyuk-hyuk. see what i did there?} hiking in new hampshire and massachusetts has been one of my new loves since moving to the northeast, behind the burritos at boloco, petting strangers dogs outside the library, and pretending not to have pet a stranger dog after it ferociously barks at me. it wasn’t me, i swear.

i am also one of those people that doesn’t really enjoy going to the gym to feel worked out. i actually kind of hate it. people are too clean at the gym. and also, that freakish breed of women exists there.

you know the ones; the ones with a sephora-employee-level of “smokey eye” on their eyes? i’m sorry, ya’ll, but you should not be trying to rock major eye definition while working on your calf definition. just my #twocents.

just bask in your dirtiness for once, is what i have to say. that’s the one way i feel successful, is with the amount of dirt in between my toes. post-hike shoe removal? sigh. end-of-beach-day griminess? the best. the resulting shower? i could cry at the thought.  it’s a good benchmark, i think. which is why i’ve been trying to romp in new york city parks all the more often like i’m a wild shetland pony or something.

who knew i’d find myself at my delightful dirtiest in new york? the parks of new york have been the background of all my daily, sweat-filled walks, where i pretend the cars rushing on the roads above me are just ocean waves picking up speed.

in this city full of grown women wearing freshly-pressed gaucho pants and fitted blazers, i’m more the type of person that realizes at 4p.m. that she has a peanut butter stain on the crotch of her $5 pencil skirt. and thats exactly how i like it, and exactly how i think i’ll keep it.

photo (10)photo (11)photo (8)photo (7)photo (9)

{fort tryon park + the cloisters}

things that make me so happy i could vomit;


oh! hey there. is anybody home? my bad, ya’ll.
it’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks and i’m lucky if i even remember deodorant most days.
now let’s cut the crap.

ever see that one episode of 30 rock? the one where jack watches a home video of one of his childhood birthdays and sees that he once vomited from a birthday present, that launches his quest to find out what could make him so happy he could vomit?

{no? that’s sad. you’re missing out on weeks of yelling “apollllooooo apollllooooo” to no one in particular.}


30 rock moments aside, as you can tell, i’m of a weird breed. i get homesick while i’m in neat cities. i make playlists themed to fall-times when it’s the dead of summer {and had stared at my bathing suit all winter in longing}. i miss my dogs when my hand-holding cat is on my lap. all these things should make me vomit from happiness.

i suffer from grass-is-always-greener disorder.
sometime i just glaze over all of the really small and remarkable moments in my week.
like the following:

*reading hillary clinton’s twitter bio: “Wife, mom, lawyer, women & kids advocate, FLOAR, FLOTUS, US Senator, SecState, author, dog owner, hair icon, pantsuit aficionado, glass ceiling cracker, TBD…”
{and just her twitter in general. SHE TAKES SELFIES, YA’LL.}

*this list of thrilling, happy things to do this summer 

*this stevie nicks interview !! (she is woman hear her roar &etc.)

*the ice cream i had last night at ample hills creamery (peppermint pattie + cookies au lait. all the happy tears)

*the book i’m currently reading. i think it’s required reading for all who are  little girls at heart.

*i got to work a movie premiere last night{!!!!}{i didn’t see anyone famous from my will-call table, but i saw sandy bullock’s arm muscles and got cecily strong’s tickets for her publicist #littlevictories}

*my weekly fort tryon hikes. and seeing the stuart little boats. and all things, everything outside ever.

*$4 chinatown toads in buckets. plain and simple.

*rowing in central park.
{and how when we saw james taylor perform, we thought he was a wiggle. woops.}

*babysitting the coolest 9-year-old at a carnival.
{sno-cones! swings! magic shows! shout out @ veronica}

*swing dancing outside.
{dancing with strangers will never stop giving me that nice little happy jolt.}

{how about you?}

{ta-da! list} that time we walked the brooklyn bridge;


that time we walked across the brooklyn bridge was the day we wore our feet down to little feet sausages with poor shoe-choices.{brogues and bright green pointy flats with rainbow sequins can do that to you.}

that time we walked across the brooklyn bridge was also the night we realized cash-only ice cream places are for-real.{and they are heartbreakers.}

that time we walked across the brooklyn bridge was when i realized that homesickness for boston and florida doesn’t have to make me feel sad, but more so lucky to have two homes i miss that much. {and also puppies. oh, and boloco. let’s be honest}

that time we walked across the bridge was the night we realized $1 vanilla cones at mcdonald’s can be bought with dimes, too. as long as you don’t have shame.{and as long as you have your regular mcdonald’s guys being heavy handed with their swirling.}

that time we walked across the brooklyn bridge was when i realized strapless bras aren’t for fancy balls and proms.{that ish is for everyday. no straps= no problems.}

that time we walked across the brooklyn bridge i realized i am blind as a bat. big glasses forever*~ sally jesse rafael-style, ya’ll.

#classicbrooklyn outfit rounded out by a manfriend shirt. where’s my owl-embroidered tote bag? my straight bangs? feather extensions? it’s like i thought it was halloween or something.

seeing things clearly and un-blobby is underrated.
…especially bridges at night like this beaut.